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Author Submission Guidelines

We publish anthologies of short stories assembled around a common theme. We are interested only in literary fiction. The category of literary fiction excludes genre works, such as science fiction, mystery, romance, westerns, etc., since these works already have many other outlets available to them.

We are now accepting stories for our fourth anthology, Occupational Hazards: Stories From the World of Work. If you have a wonderful short story on this theme, we are interested in seeing it now. You also may join our mailing list to learn about our themes for future books and other news items.

To submit a short story, you may include the body of the story in an email. For security reasons, we do not open email attachments from people who are not yet known to us. Send all submissions to: editor@hourglassbooks.org.

We accept previously published works and simultaneous submissions. There are no word length limits, and there is no fixed closing date.

We follow the Authors Guild model contract and pay author royalties according to the recommendations in that form. Since these are anthologies, all royalties are shared among the contributing authors as determined by the publisher.

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