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The Sayings

W.C. Scheurer


Literary; Woman; Political





It is often said that, "truth, is the first casualty of war." If this is so, then humanity must be its close second.

This is the premise explored by The Sayings, a political counter-thriller set in the midst of the new war on terrorism that defies the black-and-white portrayals of good and evil that always seem to overtake the popular mentality in times of war.

It is the story of a young woman officer captured in Northern Iraq by a Kurdish doctor believed to have Soviet smallpox weapons. Seen through the eyes of her fellow captives (members of her military intelligence unit), the heroine takes the thinking reader with her on an incredible yet plausible journey that challenges their deepest convictions to the core.

The doctor leads his American captives deep into the heart of Kurdistan, where they witness for themselves the horrible suffering of the Kurdish people from years of brutal oppression, betrayal and neglect as a perennial pawn in the geopolitical game. As U.S. warplanes bomb their hideouts, the young woman officer struggles to hold her group together and to probe her captorís intent. She tries to uncover whether the doctor is a maligned humanitarian or a demented terrorist.

She learns the unsettling truth in a hidden cave at the top of the mountains where the borders of Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria come together to vivisect the land of Kurdistan at its center. What she discovers along the way tells her so much more -- about herself, about her enemy, and about the common humanity that they both share. All the while, the reader is left wondering until the very end (and maybe beyond) whether the villain turns out to be a hero, the hero a villain, or neither, or both.

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