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Winter 2007

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Peculiar Pilgrims: Stories From the Left Hand of GodLinda K. Wendling, Editor; Gregory Wolfe, Foreword.

Stories exploring the spiritual realm take us on a fascinating journey: adventures in unorthodoxy; mysterious ways; moments of unbounded, unexpected grace; things you will not read about in any Sunday School.

The broad range of voices include: John Dalton, Melanie Rae Thon, Erin McGraw, Alice Mattison, Alice Fulton, Lee Upton, Rose Rappoport Moss, Quinn Dalton, Jaimee Wriston Colbert, and a host of other talented writers.

Winter 2011

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Solace In So Many Words - from our new Weighed Words independent imprint - Ellen Wade Beals, Editor.

Whether read cover-to-cover or savored one contribution at a time, “Solace in So Many Words” connects with readers through the heartfelt and compelling writing of more than 50 writers, including Antler, T. C. Boyle, Philip Levine, and Joe Meno, as well as newer literary discoveries who offer well-crafted words on what solace can mean to us today. A timely and timeless book to comfort a friend or yourself and gain a new perspective on coping with life’s difficulties.

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